EMC Tickets
A Division of Event Marketing Corporation
How Walgreens Corner Box Office by EMC Works:
  • With one easy setup, your attraction's ticket can be printed on demand at every cash register in over 8000 Walgreens stores nationwide.
  • Secure paper, watermark, and wave perforation preclude fraud.
  • In store promotion with event produced posters, brochures, Walgreens Radio, and LED signs where available.
  • Cost to event or venue is a minimum investment.
  • No credit card fees, no charge backs ever.   
  • No need to distribute, pickup, or reconcile hard tickets you will never lose inventory. You will be paid for every ticket sold.

  • You will receive quick and easy payment and detailed sales report.
  • No need to distribute, pickup, or reconcile hard tickets.
  • 85 % of the U.S. population lives within 3 miles of a Walgreens.
Program Benefits:
  • Exposure to over 1000 Walgreens customers per day per store gives your event or venue thousands of impressions per day.
  • Ticket sales at every Walgreens register makes purchasing tickets convenient for your attendees.

  • Avoid long lines at your box office.

  • Affiliation with the nation’s largest drug store chain.

  • Convenience and value delivered by Walgreens increases your attendance and per capita spending.