EMC Tickets
A Division of Event Marketing Corporation

You have the Ticket Sales
and Marketing Needs and
EMC has the Know-How and the Means.

  •  EMC will pay within 10 business days from last day of sale.
  • Thousands of outlets at Walgreens and other local chains nationwide.

  • Weekly sales reports are available.

  • 24/7 Customer Service toll free phone line.

  • Our Advance Ticket sales program will increase your overall attendance with a minimum investment.
  • AFFORDABLE & EFFICIENT Redemption system and on line/mobile ticket sales.


Advance, Pre-Sale Tickets retail parthers,
online and mobile app sales;
Affordable and efficient ticket redemption system;
Proven Marketing Solutions for:
 Attractions - Shows - Water and Theme Parks - Fairs - Festivals
- Sports and any other General Admission Events -